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Top 10 unusual rules in USA

Posted by on Jun 23, 2016

Top 10 unusual rules in USA

Each of fifty states in America has its own laws, and they often differ from one to another. The thing they all share is there are always some rules that might feel awkward for other people. Even though, each of the following laws and regulations was set because it was needed to be set. Individual behavior that is now regulated by law usually made some problems in the past, and that is why it is prohibited now.

  1. Hunting wild camels is a crime in Arizona.

Considering you can hardly find a wild camel in Arizona, this might sound unusual and weird. However, is a camel that escaped from the Zoo wild? This is really a question for legislators but we can only guess it is, and that might be a reason for making hunting camels a crime.

  1. West Virginia reserves baby carriages only for infants.

And who in the world would ride in a baby carriage except babies? Surely, there were some problems in the past, but now it is all done, legislators of West Virginia took care of it.

  1. Indiana prohibits people who ate garlic to ride a public vehicle at least four hours after the meal.

This rule isn’t bad, in fact, it is kind of common courtesy. In any way, don’t eat garlic if you are planning to ride a public streetcar in Gary, Indiana.

  1. Virginia prohibits all kind of corrupt practices and bribery except when it comes to political candidates.

Apparently legislators thought there is nothing you can do about it, so they just let it go. However, giving a green light to bribery isn’t a usual thing around the World.

  1. Men are forbidden to wear a strapless dress in the public in Miami, Florida.

Unfortunately, they cannot party in their favorite ball dresses, but what if it is a dress with straps or sleeves? I suppose so. Go you guys, find your other favorite dress.

  1. Georgia prohibits store owners from changing mannequins clothes on the storefront.

We all need privacy, right? Mannequins are people!!

  1. Sleeping in the refrigerator is forbidden in Pennsylvania.

I can only guess there was a smart man who fell asleep in the freezer, and I can hope he was well in the end. If the weather is hot, please buy a fan or air condition.

  1. Illinois bans poodle owners to take their pets to the Opera.

How about a chihuahua? Doesn’t matter, French poodles usually aren’t interested in that ‘opera’ in the first place.

  1. Utah has one the weirdest traffic rules. Birds have the right of way.

If you are not sure who has the right of way, you or the other car, just let a bird pass first, if you don’t, you might even get fined. However, from the bird’s point of view, this is a necessary rule.

  1. New York and rabbits policy forbid anyone from shooting a rabbit from a moving trolley car.

Wait ’till you stop first.

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